Latest: #18 Python 3 has some amazing types and you can now constructively insult your shell!

#1 Brian: pdir2

  • Nice use of animated gif to showcase what it does.
  • It’s a replacement for dir() to use interactively.
  • pip install pdir2 , but import pdir .
  • pdir(something) gives you all that dir() does, but splits things into categories like exceptions, functions, attributes, …
  • each item on one line, and includes the first line of the docstring for the item.
  • Also, uses colors nicely. (Except I need to run it in a shell with non-black background on my mac or I can’t see the docstring output. )
  • Hugely useful if you use dir() interactively.
  • 😞 Readme is in markdown, pypi still can’t handle that well. Maybe a listener can do a pull request on it to spiff up the pypi page:
  • Consider pairing this with ptpython

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