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What is Python Bytes?

Python Bytes is a weekly podcast hosted by Michael Kennedy and Brian Okken. Python Bytes podcast delivers headlines directly to your earbuds. If you want to stay up on the Python developer news but don't have time to scour reddit, twitter, and other news sources, just subscribe and you'll get the best picks delivered weekly.

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Michael Kennedy
Brian Okken

What listeners think

Love the show!
It's great hearing you talk about stuff I've recently seen mentioned on Twitter or Reddit. Also all the other things I've missed!
Amazing Python podcast :)
I'd highly recommend this podcast to any Python developer serious about their craft. Michael and Brian do an amazing job keeping us updated with the latest Python news. I really enjoy the format of the show and the bite-sized episodes! It's like listening to a Python newsletter with the added benefit of getting Brian's and Michael's insightful commentary. A+++, would subscribe again :-)
Daniel Bader
Love the Byte-Sized Pace
I'm always interested in learning about new tools so Python Bytes is right up my alley. The quick rundown of news each week is very cool and I inevitably end up going to the show notes to check out the links.
Nikola Kantar
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