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#1: Intro to the show and pip 9 is out!

Published Mon, Nov 7, 2016, recorded Mon, Nov 7, 2016

Welcome to Python Bytes. Python headlines delivered directly to your earbuds. In this first episode we cover PyData videos, safety-db project, and more!

News items

PyData DC 2016 videos are out

  • 64 videos (30 hours)
  • Some standout videos
  • ElasticSearch and Redis How and When to Use Them
  • Renee Teate | Becoming a Data Scientist Advice From My Podcast Guests (becoming a data scientist podcast)
  • Visual diagnostics for more informed machine learning
  • You got your engineering in my Data Science: Addressing the reproducibility crisis


  • A python module to make handling command line arguments easy
  • There are many ways to create a command line parser in python: argparse, docopt, click. These are all great options, but require quite a lot of configuration and sometimes you just need a function to be called. Enter easyargs. Define the function that you want to be called, decorate it and let easyargs work out the command line.

safety-db via github

  • A curated database of insecure Python packages
  • What is this? This is an effort to collect all known security vulnerabilities in Python packages and make them available to consume for humans and automated tools.
  • What is this not? This is not a hall of shame, or a list of packages to avoid. The package maintainers show a great responsibility by documenting and fixing security issues in such a way that they can be listed here. That's extremely valuable when considering using a package in production.


  • Since A-Ha's take on me video, I've loved the idea of short video done in stylized art format.
  • Uses Tenserflow, which I've never used before. No practical use I can think of, but would be fun.

pip 9.0 is out!

  • New: Add a pip check command to check installed packages dependencies
  • pip show is less verbose by default.
  • Add --not-required option to pip list, which lists packages that are not dependencies of other packages.
  • Many more, including fixes
  • 9.0.1 (4 days later with 5 fixes)

What does Reddit think about the new MBP?

  • I'd never even heard of sentiment analysis before. This is cool that it's topical, interesting, and short.

Our personal news


  • Episode 24 Test and Code Podcast: Raphael Pierzina (cookie cutter, pytest 3.0, pytest sprint, …) will be out the week of Nov 7.
  • Some upcoming interviews I'm really excited about.
  • Video from PNSQC 2016 conference now up.
  • Pietist book still in progress. When there is more info to know, I will share with this podcast, as well as people who follow me through the slack community, patreon supporters, email subscribers.
  • And I'm going do my best to get $5 off for everyone who has purchased the current eBook and left me their email.


  • New Talk Python To Me podcast episodes
    • Are we failing to fund Python's core infrastructure?
    • Parsing horrible things with Python - Erik Rose
    • Python at StackOverflow - Martijn Pieters

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