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#113: Python Lands on the Windows 10 App Store

Published Fri, Jan 18, 2019, recorded Wed, Jan 16, 2019

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Brian #1: Advent of Code 2018 Solutions

  • Michael Fogleman
  • Even if you didn’t have time or energy to do the 2018 AoC, you can learn from other peoples solutions. Here’s one set written up in a nice blog post.

Michael #2: Python Lands on the Windows 10 App Store

  • Python Software Foundation recently released Python 3.7 as an app on the official Windows 10 app store.
  • Python 3.7 is now available to install from the Microsoft Store, meaning you no longer need to manually download and install the app from the official Python website.
  • there is one limitation. “Because of restrictions on Microsoft Store apps, Python scripts may not have full write access to shared locations such as TEMP and the registry.
  • Discussed with Steve Dower over on Talk Python 191

Brian #3: How I Built A Python Web Framework And Became An Open Source Maintainer

  • Florimond Manca
  • Bocadillo - “A modern Python web framework filled with asynchronous salsa”
  • maintaining an open source project is a marathon, not a sprint.”
  • Tips at the end of the article include tips for the following topics, including recommendations and tool choices:
    • Project definition
    • Marketing & Communication
    • Community
    • Project management
    • Code quality
    • Documentation
    • Versioning and releasing

Michael #4: Python maintainability score via Wily

  • via Anthony Shaw
  • A Python application for tracking, reporting on timing and complexity in tests
  • Easiest way to calculate it is with wily … the metrics are ‘maintainability.mi’ and ‘maintainability.rank’ for a numeric and the A-F scale.
    • Build an index: wily build src
    • Inspect report: wily report file
    • Graph: wily graph file metric

Brian #5: A couple fun awesome lists

  • Awesome Python Security resources
    • Tools
      • web framework hardening, ex:
      • multi tools
      • static code analysis, ex: bandit
      • vulnerabilities and security advisories
      • cryptography
      • app templates
    • Education
      • lots of resources for learning
    • Companies
  • Awesome Flake8 Extensions
    • clean code
    • testing, including
    • security
    • documentation
    • enhancements
    • copyrights

Michael #6: fastlogging

  • via Robert Young
  • A faster replacement of the standard logging module with a mostly compatible API.
  • For a single log file it is ~5x faster and for rotating log file ~13x faster.
  • It comes with the following features:
    • (colored, if colorama is installed) logging to console
    • logging to file (maximum file size with rotating/history feature can be configured)
    • old log files can be compressed (the compression algorithm can be configured)
    • count same successive messages within a 30s time frame and log only once the message with the counted value.
    • log domains
    • log to different files
    • writing to log files is done in (per file) background threads, if configured
    • configure callback function for custom detection of same successive log messages
    • configure callback function for custom message formatter
    • configure callback function for custom log writer


Joke: >>> import antigravity

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