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#283: The sports episode

Published Thu, May 12, 2022, recorded Tue, May 10, 2022
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Special guest: Tonya Sims

Michael #1: Pathy: a Path interface for local and cloud bucket storage

  • via Spencer
  • Pathy is a python package (with type annotations) for working with Cloud Bucket storage providers using a pathlib interface.
  • It provides an easy-to-use API bundled with a CLI app for basic file operations between local files and remote buckets.
  • It enables a smooth developer experience by letting developers work against the local file system during development and only switch over to live APIs for deployment.
  • Also has optional local file caching.
  • From Spenser
  • The really cool function is "Pathy.fluid" which can take any type of local, GCS, or S3 path string and then just give you back a Path object that you can interact with agnostic of what platform it was. So this has worked amazingly for me in local testing since i can just change the file path from the "s3://bucket/path" that i use in prod to a local "test_dir/path" and it works automatically.

Brian #2: Robyn

  • “Robyn is a fast, high-performance Python web framework with a Rust runtime.”
  • Hello, Robyn! - intro article
  • docs, repo
  • Neat things
    • doesn’t need WSGI or ASGI
    • async
    • very Flask-like
  • Early, so still needs some TLC
    • docs, etc. getting started and demo apps would be good.

Tonya #3: Python package 'nba_api' is a package to access data for

  • This package is maintained by Swar Patel
  • API Client package for, more accessible endpoints, and better documentation
  • The API's are not well documented and change frequently (player traded, injured, retired, points per game, stats, etc)
  • The nba_api package has tons of features:
  • The nba_api starts with static data on players and teams (Full name, team name, etc). Each player and Team has an id.
  • Can get game data from the playergamelog API endpoint
  • The package also has many different API endpoints that it can hit by passing in features from the static data to the API endpoints as parameters

Michael #4: Termshot

  • From Jay Miller
  • Creates screenshots based on terminal command output
  • Just run termshot YOUR_CMD
  • or termshot --show-cmd -- python
  • Even termshot /bin/zsh for full interactive “recording”
  • Example I made:

Brian #5: When Python can’t thread: a deep-dive into the GIL’s impact

  • Itamar Turner-Trauring
  • Building a mental model of the GIL using profiler graphs of simple two thread applications.
  • The graphs really help a lot to see when the CPU is active or waiting on each thread.

Tonya #6: Sportsipy: A free sports API written for python

  • Free python API that pulls the stats from
  • - great website for getting sports stats for professional sports(NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, college sports)
  • Looks like an HTML website for the 90s - great for scraping (email site owners)
  • You can get API queries for every sport (North American sports) like the list of teams for that sport, the date and time of a game, the total number of wins for a team during the season, and many more team-related metrics.
  • You can also get stats from players and box scores - so you can build cool stuff around how a team performed during a game or during a season.



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