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Episode #286: Unreasonable f-strings

Published Fri, Jun 3, 2022, recorded Tue, May 31, 2022.

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Brian #1: The Python GIL: Past, Present, and Future

  • Bary Warsaw and Paweł Polewicz

Michael #2: Announcing the PyOxy Python Runner

  • PyOxy is all of the following:
    • An executable program used for running Python interpreters.
    • A single file and highly portable (C)Python distribution.
    • An alternative python driver providing more control over the interpreter than what python itself provides.
    • A way to make some of PyOxidizer's technology more broadly available without using PyOxidizer.
  • PyOxidizer is often used to generate binaries embedding a Python interpreter and a custom Python application. However, its configuration files support additional functionality, such as the ability to produce Windows MSI installers, macOS application bundles, and more.
  • The pyoxy executable also embeds a copy of the Python standard library and imports it from memory using the oxidized_importer Python extension module.

Brian #3: The unreasonable effectiveness of f-strings and re.VERBOSE

Michael #4: PyCharm PR Management

  • Really nice but not very discoverable
  • Not covered in the docs, but super useful.
  • Available in pro and free community edition
  • Steps
    • Open a project that has an associated github git repo
    • If the GitHub repo has a PR, you’ll see it in the Pull Requests tab.
    • Browse the PRs, and open them for details
    • There you can see the comments, close or merge it, and more
    • Most importantly, check it out to see how it works





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