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#299: Will McGugan drops by

Published Sat, Sep 3, 2022, recorded Wed, Aug 31, 2022
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Michael #1: Careful with that PyPI email

  • via John Hagen
  • There is a widespread Phishing attack going on against PyPI users.
  • The PyPA is currently tweeting about it:

Brian #2: IEEE Top Programming Languages 2022 : Python’s still No. 1, but employers love to see SQL skills

  • by Stephen Cass
  • Related: The Rise of SQL It’s become the second programming language everyone needs to know
    • by Rina Diane Caballar
  • Good to see Python on top for Spectrum and Trending
  • But interesting to see growth and strength in SQL
  • SQL is actually top for Jobs
  • SQL is a skill you can’t ignore.
  • Not only are relational databases just as important for large systems, they’re increasingly more important for small and even local systems, and are ever growing the responsibility of developers, not left to database specialists.

Will #3:

Michael #4: Django 4.1

  • Yes, I’m a bit slow to notice this, from August 3, 2022.
  • Big deal for us async folks!
    • Asynchronous ORM interface: QuerySet now provides an asynchronous interface for all data access operations.
    • Asynchronous handlers for class-based views: View subclasses may now define async HTTP method handlers:
  • Also: Validation of Constraints: Check, unique, and exclusion constraints defined in the Meta.constraints option are now checked during model validation.
  • Check out Chris’ Django: Getting Started course at Talk Python.

Brian #5: You Should Be Using Python's Walrus Operator - Here’s Why

  • by Martin Heinz
  • A fun look at some places where I’ve never considered using :=
  • Examples
    • reusing a value while building a list
    • regular expression match results
    • cleaning up while loops (ok, that I’m using already, but it’s great)
    • accumulating data in place
    • named values in f-strings for multiple formatting. wow, super cool.

Will #6: Humre

  • By Al Sweigart Author of "Automate the Boring Stuff with Python"
  • Human readable regular expressions§

Joke: Password PR

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