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#313: Programming Robots With a Marker

Published Tue, Dec 6, 2022, recorded Tue, Dec 6, 2022
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Michael #1: How do you say that number?

  • Inflect:
  • Num2Words:

    # Inflect:
    import inflect
    # eight million, six hundred and seventy-five thousand, three hundred and nine
    # Num2Words
    from num2words import num2words
    # eight million, six hundred and seventy-five thousand, three hundred and nine
  • Num2Words also has a CLI:

  • pipx install num2words
  • $ num2words 2948475
  • two million, nine hundred and forty-eight thousand, four hundred and seventy-five

Brian #2: The Origins of Python

  • Lambert Meertens
  • A wonderful tale starting with TELCOMP, traveling through ABC, and finally reaching Python.
  • This is a long article, but a wonderful story.
  • It includes a nice emphasis at all times to keep a language simple enough for the absolute beginner but powerful enough to not be annoying for experienced developers.
  • A few quotes from the article:
    • “Ease of learning and ease of use are both desirable attributes in any programming language. Nonetheless, I have often felt that this aspect of language design does not always receive the attention it deserves. And what may seem easy to a designer may not necessarily be easy for a language learner.”
    • Regarding ABC: “To serve our intended users, absolute beginners, we sought to hide low-level implementation details and instead to provide powerful high-level, task-oriented features.
    • Then Python: “The growth in popularity of Python, from its inception thirty years ago as a one-person effort flying under the radar, has been phenomenal, but not meteoric. Instead it has been a long, slow, and steady rise. Python’s ease of learning gave it a competitive advantage in a period when there was a perpetual need for more programmers. Its clean syntax and semantics make it easier to maintain a software base written in Python than other languages—an important consideration given that the cost of maintaining software dwarfs the cost of creating new software.”

Kelly #3:

  • Ozobot Evo Introduces a Python Beta Version. (August 17, 2022)
  • The original Ozobot model – the Ozobot Bit – is no longer available for purchase . The New Evo Ozobit- has three Kit options. The Entry Kit (single robot), the Ozobot Evo 12-Pack, and the Ozobot Evo 18-Pack.
  • Still has the updated OzoBlockly platform for Block Programming.
  • This tiny bot comes with:
    • Line following
    • Color detection
    • Sound
    • proximity sensor
    • bluetooth
    • Crash detection
    • Students can even code functions
  • Ozobot simulator(block)
  • Web beta app:

Michael #4: setproctitle

  • A Python module to customize the process title

  • Awesome for servers and anytime “python” is not enough

  • Easy to use directly:

  • from setproctitle import setproctitle

  • setproctitle("tp-search daemon")

  • Used automatically by servers like uwsgi and gunicorn I believe.

    # uWSGI server configuration
    # uWSGI provides some functionality which can help identify the workers
    procname-prefix = training-
    auto-procname = true
  • Some nice results, example from Talk Python Training

Brian #5: Looking forward to Python 3.12

  • New features in 3.12a2
    • Improved Error Messages
    • lots of other goodies, like pathlib.walk().
  • Release scheduled for Oct 2023
  • But why wait? Start testing your projects with it now: Testing with Python 3.12
  • Note that “During the alpha phase, features may be added up until the start of the beta phase (2023-05-08) and, if necessary, may be modified or deleted up until the release candidate phase (2023-07-31). Please keep in mind that this is a preview release and its use is not recommended for production environments.”
  • Actually, with that note, you might want to wait. I don’t. I’ll deal with it when/if I get a failure.

Sean #6: Re:Invent 2022 EF Education Breakout

  • Presentation at AWS Re:Invent 2022
  • Complete redesign of online learning platform by one of the largest education companies in the world
  • We’ve all seen Zoom classrooms with rows on rows of students
  • A more immersive experience for learning with green screens, digital sets, and props
  • Massive amount of analytics around student engagement and learning, including full transcription of every student, engagement tracking, and computer vision



  • You can support the PSF if you’re selling things on EBay. Check “Donate a portion to charity” and choose “Python Software Foundation” via Joe Riedley
  • Textinator for Windows (the Windows version of TextSniper)
  • Paperlike for iPad

Kelly: A new Special Interest Group for the PSF launched 6 days ago. “Edu-sig, through its mailing list, provides an informal venue for comparing notes and discussing future possibilities for Python in education.” Led by Timothy Wilson.



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