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#314: What are you, a wise guy? Sort it out!

Published Tue, Dec 13, 2022, recorded Tue, Dec 13, 2022
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Brian #1: FAQtory

  • Will McGugan
  • “FAQtory is a tool to auto-generate a (Frequently Asked Questions) document for your project.
  • FAQtory has a written by itself, so you can see an example of the project in the project.
  • Builds a markdown that includes questions at the top that link to answers below.
  • “Additionally, a ‘suggest’ feature uses fuzzy matching to reply to GitHub issues with suggestions from your FAQ.”
    • I haven’t tried this part, but looking forward to it.
    • May help to answer GH issues that are really questions.

Michael #2: Kagi search "live with it” report

  • Still enjoying it a lot
  • Very fast
  • LOVE blocking SEO-heavy, content-light sites
  • Maps are rough around the edges
  • Not obvious how to set as a private/incognito search engine (but can be done in settings)
  • They have browser extensions - but I don't want to install extensions
    • I only use 1password & zoom
  • It could use some documentation however (e.g. supports !’s, but what are they?)
  • Being tempted by Orion too, but sticking with Vivaldi.

Brian #3: Tools for rewriting Python code

  • Luke Plant
  • A collection of tools change your code (hopefully for the better)
  • Several categories
    • formatting and coding style - black, isort, …
    • upgrades - pyupgrade, flynt, …
      • we need one to convert from to pyproject.toml
    • type hints - auto type hints? cool. maybe.
      • I haven’t tried any of these, but they look interesting
    • refactoring, editors, rope, jedi
    • other - autoflake, shed, …
    • write your own, with LibCST

Michael #4: Socketify

  • Bringing WebSockets, Http/Https High Performance servers for PyPy3 and Python3
  • A new record for Python no other Web Framework as able to reach 6.2 mi requests per second before in @TFBenchmarks 🥇 🏆
  • This puts Python in the same ballpark than #golang, #Rust and #C++.



  • watching mousebender from Brett Cannon
    • BTW, releases watching is cool. Probably a decent reason to use GH releases feature.
  • Python Developer’s Guide has a visual of the Python Versions and release cycle.


Joke: Wise guy, eh?

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