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#328: We are going to need some context here

Published Tue, Mar 21, 2023, recorded Tue, Mar 21, 2023
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Brian #1: zipapp

  • Part of standard library since 3.5
  • Yet another thing I learned recently from Brett Cannon
  • “This module provides tools to manage the creation of zip files containing Python code, which can be executed directly by the Python interpreter. The module provides both a Command-Line Interface and a Python API.”
  • Including: Creating Standalone Applications with zipapp

Michael #2: Reverse engineering the Apple News app with #python and #nerd power

  • As we navigate the digital world, we often come across articles we don't have time to read but still want to save for later.
  • One way to accomplish this is by using the Read Later feature in Apple News.
  • But what if you want to access those articles outside the Apple News app, such as on a different device or with someone who doesn't use Apple News?
  • Or what if you want to automatically post links to those articles on your blog? That's where the nerd powers come in.
  • The linked article shows how to use Python to solve your own problem
  • Leading to Rhet Turnbull’s CLI: apple-news-to-sqlite

Brian #3: What is a context manager?

  • Trey Hunner
  • Also look at all the cool goodies in contextlib from standard library
    • @contextmanager
    • closing
    • suppress
    • redirect_stdout, redirect_stderr
    • chdir

Michael #4: nox-poetry: Use Poetry inside Nox sessions

  • via 2 people: John Hagen and Marc Prewitt
  • This package provides a drop-in replacement for the nox.session decorator, and for the nox.Session object passed to user-defined session functions.
  • Comes from Claudio Jolowicz's hypermodern python cookiecutter
  • This session performs the following steps:
    • Build a wheel from the local package.
    • Install the wheel as well as the pytest package.
    • Invoke pytest to run the test suite against the installation.
  • Consider what would happen in this session if we had imported @session from nox instead of nox_poetry:
    • Package dependencies would only be constrained by the wheel metadata, not by the lock file. In other words, their versions would not be pinned.
    • The pytest dependency would not be constrained at all.
    • Poetry would be installed as a build backend every time.




Joke: UnsafeWarnings

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