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#330: Your data, validated 5x-50x faster, coming soon

Published Thu, Apr 6, 2023, recorded Tue, Apr 4, 2023
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Brian #1: Pydantic V2 Pre Release

  • Terrence Dorsey & Samuel Colvin
  • Alpha release available to everyone: pip install --pre -U "pydantic>=2.0a1"
  • Headlines:
    • pydantic-core - all validation logic rewritten in Rust and moved to separate package, pytest-core
      • 5-50x faster
      • separation will aid safety and maintainability
  • Lots ready for experimentation
    • BaseModel, Dataclasses, Serialization, …
  • Much still under construction
    • Docs, BaseSettings→ pydantic-settings, …

Michael #2: microdot The impossibly small web framework for Python and MicroPython

  • Microdot is a minimalistic Python web framework inspired by Flask, and designed to run on systems with limited resources such as microcontrollers.
  • It runs on standard Python and on MicroPython.
  • Support for async, websockets, tls, even ASGI servers.
  • Less mem usage by a big margin.

Brian #3: GitHub Actions Tools: watchgha, build and inspect, and pytest annotate failures

Michael #4: PEP 709 – Inlined comprehensions

  • by Carl Meyer
  • Comprehensions are currently compiled as nested functions, which provides isolation of the comprehension’s iteration variable, but is inefficient at runtime.
  • This PEP proposes to inline list, dictionary, and set comprehensions into the code where they are defined, and provide the expected isolation by pushing/popping clashing locals on the stack.
  • This change makes comprehensions much faster: up to 2x faster for a microbenchmark of a comprehension alone.



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