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#334: Packaging Organizations

Published Fri, May 5, 2023, recorded Wed, May 3, 2023
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Brian #1: rye - Python workflow tool

  • Armin Ronacher
  • Rust built tool, currently only for Linux and MacOS
  • Project workflow commands, like
    • init - new project
    • add - add a dependency (including optional)
    • remove - remove a dependency
    • build - build wheel
    • lock - update lock file
  • virtualenv commands
    • add —dev - install in environment
    • sync - install/update dependencies in env based on pyprojec.toml
    • run - run command within environment
  • Install Python
    • fetch - Fetches a Python interpreter for the local machine
  • Register existing Python
    • toolchain Helper utility to manage Python toolchains
  • Kinda like pipx
    • install - Installs a package as global tool
    • uninstall - Uninstalls a global tool
    • I didn’t see that it added anything to my PATH, so this addition made it work:
  • Bonus
    • Everything lives under ~/.rye
    • So it’s easy to stop using, and doesn’t muck up
  • see also

Michael #2: PyPI Organizations

  • The first step in our plan to build financial support and long-term sustainability of the Python Packaging Index (PyPI)
  • Small fee for organizations rather than individual users
  • Like Github orgs

Brian #3: 5 tips to learn any new Python library faster

  • Bob Belderbos
  • The tiips
    • RTFM - at lest the getting started docs
    • Install it
    • Explore the library - play. Bob recommends Jupyter notebook for this.
    • Apply it to a real world problem - deliberate practice
    • Build something with it
    • (bonus) Teach it - blog, TIL, video tutorial, etc.

Michael #4: Python gets down to (the) Metal




Joke: It’s the progress that counts

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