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#345: Some Big Time Releases

Published Wed, Jul 26, 2023, recorded Wed, Jul 26, 2023
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Michael #1: Cython 3.0

  • Long in development, the new major release of the Python-to-C compiler sheds legacy Python support and readies Cython developers for big changes in Python.
  • Cython 3 cleans up and modernizes Cython.
  • Pure Python mode allows Python developers to use their existing Python linting and code analysis tools on Cython.

Brian #2: Reading code : An important but seldom-discussed skill

  • Eric Matthes
  • A cool walk through of several techniques to read code
  • Strategies
    • Ignore function definitions
      • And in the example, also ignore comments
    • Simplify repetitive blocks
      • Examples shows mentally lumping a bunch of print statements into “print message”
    • Utilize IDE tools, like folding to hide functions your not looking at
  • Also includes a note about writing readable code.
  • Notes:
    • People believe your function and variable names, they should be descriptive, and they should not be deceptive.

Michael #3: Major new version of MicroPython: v1.20.0

  • via Matt Trentini
  • >10 months, >1000 mainline commits from >100 contributors
  • This release of MicroPython introduces a new lightweight package manager called mip.
  • In the MicroPython runtime, core/built-in types have been compressed by only including in the C-level type struct as many slots for C function pointers as is needed for a given type →
    • Any third-party C extensions will need to be updated to work with this change.
  • Massive list of detailed changes.

Brian #4: Advanced Python Tips for Development

  • Scofield Idehen
  • There’s 15 in the article, here’s a few
    • 1 & 2. Use List Comprehensions and Generator Expressions.
      • It’s cool to see them side by side
      1. enumerate() is fun
      1. Embrace zip(). It’s weird, but very useful.
      1. Utilize slots to Reduce Memory Usage



  • Hear the story behind the quote “I came for the language, but I stayed for the community.” and learn about fountain pens, tea, and a Murderbot, on this week‘s Python People.



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