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#347: The One About Context Mangers

Published Tue, Aug 8, 2023, recorded Tue, Aug 8, 2023
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Michael #1: async-timeout

  • An asyncio-compatible timeout context manager.
  • The context manager is useful in cases when you want to apply timeout logic around block of code or in cases when asyncio.wait_for() is not suitable.
  • Not finished yet timeout can be rescheduled by shift_by() or shift_to() methods

Brian #2: PyPI Project URLs Cheatsheet

  • Daniel Roy Greenfield
  • There’s some cool icons available under “Project Links” on project pages.
  • How do you get those? And which ones are available.
  • Daniel has found out where to look, and built us a cheat sheet. Nice.

Michael #3: httpx-sse

Brian #4: Creating a context manager in Python

  • Trey Hunner
  • Context managers are those things you use in a with block.
  • There’s a bunch of cool built in ones.
  • Building your own is a handy skill to have to clean up your code, and they’re pretty easy, with Trey’s tutorial.
  • Shown is a great example of temporarily modifying an environmental variable.
  • Then he gets into what you need to know about as, __enter__, and __exit__.



  • I think I’ll nix the intro music to Python People. I didn’t know what music to use, so I re-used the music from Test & Code. And I got some very honest feedback that it just doesn’t fit and was better without it. So I’ll rip it out soon.
  • BTW, next episode to be released is with Bob Belderbos from PyBites. Should be later this week.



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