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#356: Ripping from PyPI

Published Tue, Oct 10, 2023, recorded Tue, Oct 10, 2023
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Brian #1: Psycopg 3

  • Psycopg folks recommend starting with 3 for new projects
  • 2 is still actively maintained, but no new features are planned
    • recommend staying with 2 for legacy projects
  • Psycopg 3 project
  • 2 vs 3 feature comparison
  • A few Psycopg 3 highlights
    • native asyncio support
    • native support for more Python types (such as Enums) and PostgreSQL types (such as multirange)
    • Default server-side parameters binding
    • Allows binary parameters and query results (and text, of course)
    • Pipeline/batch mode support
    • Static typing support

Michael #2: dacite

  • via Raymond Peck
  • Simple creation of data classes from dictionaries
  • Dacite supports following features:
    • nested structures
    • (basic) types checking
    • optional fields (i.e. typing.Optional)
    • unions
    • forward references
    • collections
    • custom type hooks
  • It's important to mention that dacite is not a data validation library.
  • Type hooks are interesting too.

Brian #3: RIP: Fast, barebones pip implementation in Rust

  • list of current and planned features of RIP, the biggest are listed below:
    • Downloading and aggressive caching of PyPI metadata. (done)
    • Resolving of PyPI packages using Resolvo. (done)
    • Installation of wheel files (planned)
    • Support sdist files (planned)
  • new project, just a couple weeks old. … “We would love to have you contribute!”

Michael #4: Flaky Tests follow up

  • by Marwan Sarieddine
  • I was inspired by the Talk Python podcast on "Taming flaky tests" with Gregory Kapfhammer and Owain Parry so I wrote up an article on my blog titled "How not to footgun yourself when writing tests - a showcase of flaky tests”



  • Just wrapping up some personal projects, which means…
    • Python People episodes soon
    • Python Test episodes soon (but later)
    • More course chapters coming



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