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#358: Collecting Shells

Published Tue, Oct 24, 2023, recorded Tue, Oct 24, 2023
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Brian #1: Django 5.0 beta 1 released

Michael #2: git bash, terminals, and Windows

Brian #3: Mastering Integration Testing with FastAPI

  • Alex Jacobs
  • Some great integration testing techniques
  • Focused on FastAPI, but relevant to many frameworks.
    • Mocking authentication
    • Mocking external APIs
    • Fun use of parametrize and indirect fixtures for mocking responses.
    • Mocking MongoDB
    • Mocking AWS S3

Michael #4: Reuven Learner has been banned for trading in rare animals (Pythons and Pandas)

  • via Pat Decker
  • Reuven, like us, teaches Python and Data Sci
  • Tried to advertise his courses (Python and Pandas courses) on Meta
  • Got permanently (life-time) banned for selling rare and endangered animals.
  • Sometimes I really hate these big tech companies
    • My recent beefs have been with app store reviewers and surveillance-based capitalism



  • Where did everyone go? - Ned Batchelder
    • I do feel like we’re more fragmented than before, but I am feeling like we have a community on Mastodon.
    • reminder that Mastodon has text search now
  • On Sunday, I released Ch9, Coverage, as part of The Complete pytest course, specifically part of pytest Working with Projects.
    • It was super fun. I’ve used coverage a lot since writing the book, for example, I demonstrate branch coverage. It’s so much more effective to teach in video than in printed screenshots.


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