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#361: Proper way to comment your code!

Published Tue, Nov 21, 2023, recorded Tue, Nov 21, 2023
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Michael #1: The many shapes and sizes of keyboards

Brian #2: appeal - a CLI framework from Larry Hastings

  • “Give your program APPEAL!”
  • Appeal is a command-line argument processing library for Python, like argparse, optparse, getopt, docopt, Typer, and click. But Appeal takes a refreshing new approach.
  • Hello World example:

    import appeal
    app = appeal.Appeal()
    def hello(name):
        print(f"Hello, {name}!")
  • looks fun, no idea how to test with it “yet”.

    • But I plan on looking into that.

Michael #3: Graphinate: Data to Graphs

  • via Eran Rivlis
  • Graphinate is a python library that aims to simplify the generation of Graph Data Structures from Data Sources.
  • Write a function to definite the edges as a generator, call materialize
  • Based on NetworkX
  • See the github page for visual examples

Brian #4: A Disorganized List of Maintainer Tasks

  • David Lord
    • Plus, David Lord, lead maintainer of Flask, Jinja, Click, … on Pallets, also PSF Fellow, has a blog. Neat.
  • TLDR; Next time you want to ask "When's the next release?", instead look at the project and see where you can start getting involved. The more help maintainers have, the more they can get done.
  • Long list of stuff David thinks about when maintaining a project.
    • My list is shorter, but it’s still long, and my projects are tiny in comparison to his




Joke: The proper way to comment your code!

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