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#364: Holy Match-Cases Batman!

Published Tue, Dec 12, 2023, recorded Tue, Dec 12, 2023
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Brian #1: A Python/Django Advent calendar

  • James Bennett’s take on an Advent Calendar
  • “I’m going to try to publish one short blog post each day of Advent 2023, each covering a small but hopefully useful tip or bit of information for Python and/or Django developers”
  • First post also discusses using enums
  • A couple cool testing posts

Michael #2: Dropbase helps you build internal web apps with Python

  • Build fullstack web apps for your internal teams.
  • Import existing Python scripts
  • Quickly layer UIs and granular permissions on top.
  • Turn any SQL SELECT into an admin panel with Smart Tables.
  • Watch the video for the zen of it.
  • Freemium model

Brian #3: Real-world match/case

  • Ned Batchelder
  • Structural pattern matching example taken from a GitHub bot
  • Matching nested dictionaries, pulling out bits of data
  • The examples of not just matching but using case [structure] if [test on component] are neat.

Michael #4: Extra, extra, extra, so many extras!



Joke: Too many open tabs

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