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#365: Inheritance, but not Inheritance!

Published Wed, Dec 20, 2023, recorded Tue, Dec 19, 2023
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Michael #1: Hatch v1.8

  • Hatch now manages installing Python for you.
  • Hatch can build .app and .exe stand-alone binaries for you
  • The macOS ones are signed (signed!)
  • Discussion here

Brian #2: svcs : A Flexible Service Locator for Python

  • Hynek
  • A library to help structure and test Python web applications.
  • svcs (pronounced services) is a dependency container* for Python. It gives you a central place to register factories for types/interfaces and then imperatively acquire instances of those types with automatic cleanup* and **health checks.”
  • “Benefits:
    • Eliminates tons of repetitive boilerplate code,
    • unifies acquisition* and cleanups of services,
    • provides full static type safety for them,
    • simplifies testing through loose coupling,
    • improves live introspection and monitoring* with **health checks.”
  • Hynek has started a YouTube channel, and is starting with an explanation of svcs.
  • Yes, Hynek, we want more videos. I like that it’s not a beginner level.
  • My request for future videos: just past beginner, and also intermediate level.
  • There are plenty of basics videos out there, not as many filling the gaps between beginner and production.

Michael #3: Steering Council 2024 Term Election Results

  • The 2024 Term Python Steering Council is:
    • Pablo Galindo Salgado
    • Gregory P. Smith
    • Emily Morehouse
    • Barry Warsaw
    • Thomas Wouters
  • Full results are available in PEP 8105 .
  • How do you become a candidate?
    • Candidates must be nominated by a core team member. If the candidate is a core team member, they may nominate themselves.

Brian #4: Python protocols. When to use them in your projects to abstract and decoupling

  • Carlos Vecina
  • “Protocols are an alternative (or a complement) to inheritance, abstract classes and Mixins.”
  • Understanding interactions between ABC, MixIns and Protocols in Python
  • With examples




  • Mastodon guidelines (mine):
    • If you have a picture and description, I’ll probably follow you back
    • If you have posts that seem relevant +1
    • If you have a verified webpage +1
    • If your account is private, won’t. I don’t understand really since private group messages already exist and the profile itself is public.
  • Speaking of Mastodon. I had a productive conversation with the PSF and others around masks and conferences.
  • Dropbox spooks users by sending data to OpenAI for AI search features
  • Beyond privacy, this got me thinking, just how many hours of dev time have been diverted to add mediocre-at-best AI features to everything?
  • I’m doing a big digital decluttering and have lots to say on that soon.
  • Not submitting my talks to PyCascades this year.
  • But I did submit 3 talks to PyCon US. 🤞
  • I will be giving the keynote at PyCon Philippines.

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