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#366: Put It In The Backlog

Published Tue, Jan 9, 2024, recorded Tue, Jan 9, 2024
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Brian #1: Python 3.13 gets a JIT

  • Anthony Shaw
  • Great article that walks through JIT concepts with a small example as if you were writing a parser in Python instead of C.
  • Covers
    • What is a JIT?
    • What is a copy-and-patch JIT? and Why?
    • How does the Python JIT work?
    • Is it faster?
    • This is a building block to future improvements

Michael #2: UniDep - Unified Conda and Pip Dependency Management

  • 🔄 Single requirements.yaml for both #Conda & #Pip.
  • ⚙️ Works with pyproject.toml &
  • 🏢 Perfect for monorepos.
  • 🔒 Create consistent conda-lock files for multiple projects.
  • 🌍 Platform-specific support.
  • 🚀 unidep install for easy setup.
  • Full source page.

Brian #3: Don’t Start Pull Requests from Your Main Branch

  • Hynek Schlawack
  • When contributing to other users’ repositories, always start a new branch in your fork.
  • Reasons to not use main
    • Forces you to only have one change in progress
    • Merges will generate conflicts and you can’t pull from that branch anymore. Need to kill the fork and start over
    • If the target repo has branch protection on, then maintainers can’t push to your branch.
  • Hynek also provides a way to fix things if you’ve already started your changes on a main branch fork.

Michael #4: instld: The simplest package management

  • Thanks to this package, it is very easy to manage the lifecycle of packages.
  • ⚡ Run your code without installing libraries.
  • ⚡ You can use 2 different versions of the same library in the same program.
  • ⚡ You can use incompatible libraries in the same project, as well as libraries with incompatible/conflicting dependencies.
  • ⚡ It's easy to share written scripts. The script file becomes self-sufficient - the user does not need to install the necessary libraries.
  • ⚡ The library does not leave behind "garbage". After the end of the program, no additional files remain in the system.



  • The Complete pytest Course is now actually complete
    • Although updates will happen when and if necessary as pytest/Python changes.
    • To celebrate, use code 2024 in January for 10% off any pricing option.
  • More episodes of Python People and Python Test on the way now
    • That course took up a lot of my time in late 2023
    • Just released an episode with Will Vincent and Python Test will have a new episode this week and for the foreseeable future.
    • Let me know if you want to be on Python People or Python Test


Joke: Put it in the backlog

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