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#367: A New Cloud Computing Paradigm at Python Bytes

Published Tue, Jan 16, 2024, recorded Tue, Jan 16, 2024
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Michael #1: Leaving the cloud

Brian #2: PEP 723 - Inline script metadata

  • Author: Ofek Lev
  • This PEP specifies a metadata format that can be embedded in single-file Python scripts to assist launchers, IDEs and other external tools which may need to interact with such scripts.
  • Example:
        # /// script
        # requires-python = ">=3.11"
        # dependencies = [
        #   "requests<3",
        #   "rich",
        # ]
        # ///
        import requests
        from rich.pretty import pprint
        resp = requests.get("")
        data = resp.json()
        pprint([(k, v["title"]) for k, v in data.items()][:10])

Michael #3: Flet for Android

  • via Balázs
  • Remember Flet?
  • Here’s a code sample (scroll down a bit).
  • It’s amazing but has been basically impossible to deploy.
  • Now we have Android.
  • Here’s a good YouTube video showing the build process for APKs.

Brian #4: harlequin: The SQL IDE for Your Terminal.



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