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#371: Python in a Crate

Published Tue, Feb 13, 2024, recorded Tue, Feb 13, 2024
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Michael #1: AppleCrate

  • By Rhet Turnbull (from Building macOS Apps episode)
  • AppleCrate is a tool for creating native macOS installers for your command line tools.
  • It's useful for creating installers for command line tools written in any language.
  • Tools written in interpreted languages like Python will need to be first processed with a tool like pyinstaller to create a standalone executable.
  • AppleCrate uses Jinja2 templates to generate the files required for the installer. This allows you to use template variables in your files or command line parameters to customize the installer.

Brian #2: One way to package Python code right now

  • Ned Batchelder
  • An example repo with all the parts for package
  • A lot of discussion and what to think about in the README (unfortunately rst and not md, but we can’t have everything)
  • Includes
    • pyproject.toml
    • dev-requirements.txt
    • README.rst
    • Makefile
    • LICENSE.txt
    • .bitignore
    • .editorconfig
      • see
  • Shout out to to Packaging Python Projects on, which is pretty good

Michael #3: Flask8 but why?

  • Ihor Kalnytskyi: Something I really like about #ruff, a new tool for both linting and formatting in the #python ecosystem. You can literally pick any lint rule it supports and see both reasoning and examples.
  • Ruff supports over 700 lint rules, many of which are inspired by popular tools like Flake8, isort, pyupgrade, and others.

Brian #4: Extra, Extra, Extra

    • kinda like trello, etc. but a very simple interface that makes it pretty easy to use
    • Terms of Service; Didn’t Read
    • Kind of a wikipeda way to summarize the terms of service of different web services, and give them ratings/grades
  • Why I write
    • I talked about blogging more last episode. Here’s a cool write-up by Sheena O'Connell
    • reasons
      • to remember
      • to refine my thinking
      • to impact
      • to get through hard times
      • to connect
  • Three pytest Features You Will Love
    • Helen Scott at JetBrains/PyCharm
    • Fixtures, Markers, Parametrize
    • Plus shoutouts to my course and book




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