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#379: Constable on the debugging case

Published Tue, Apr 16, 2024, recorded Tue, Apr 16, 2024
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Michael #1: How to Set Up Pre-Commit Hooks A step-by-step guide to installing and configuring pre-commit hooks on your project.

  • by Stefanie Molin
  • Pre-commit hooks are code checks that run as part of the “pre-commit” stage of the git commit process.
  • If any of these checks fail, git aborts the commit
  • Sometimes, we need to bypass the hooks temporarily. For these instances, we can pass the --no-verify option when we run git commit

Brian #2: difftastic

  • Found this a couple years ago, but really using it a lot now.
  • Excellent structurally diff tool that compares code based on syntax, not line by line.

Michael #3: Quarto

  • via Mathias Johansson
  • An open-source scientific and technical publishing system
  • Transforming a notebook into a pdf / HTML / MS Word / ePub with minimal effort, or even all formats at once.
  • Author using Jupyter notebooks or with plain text markdown in your favorite editor.
  • Write using Pandoc markdown, including equations, citations, crossrefs, figure panels, callouts, advanced layout, and more.

Brian #4: constable

  • “inserts print statements directly into the AST at runtime “
  • “If you find yourself aimlessly adding print statements while debugging your code, this is for you. !”
  • Add decorators like @constable.trace('a', 'b') to functions and you’ll get nice output showing when and how a and b changed.
  • see also icecream for another fun debugging with print project.




Joke: Hugo SciFi Award

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