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#380: Debugging with your eyes

Published Tue, Apr 23, 2024, recorded Tue, Apr 23, 2024
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Brian #1: NumFOCUS concerns

  • Suggested by Pamphile Roy
  • Write up of the current challenges faced by NumFOCUS, by Paul Ivanov (one of the OG of Scientific Python: Jupyter, Matplotlib, etc.)
    • Struggling to meet the needs of sponsored and affiliated projects.
    • In February, NumFOCUS announced it is moving in a new direction.
    • NumFOCUS initiated an effort to run an election for open board seats and proposed changing its governance structure.
    • Some projects are considering and actively pursuing alternative venues for fiscal sponsorship.
    • Quite a bit more detail and discussion in the article.
  • NumFOCUS covers a lot of projects
    • NumPy, Matplotlib, pandas, Jupyter, SciPy, Astropy, Bokeh, Dask, Conda, and so many more.

Michael #2: leaping pytest debugger llm

  • You can ask Leaping questions like:
    • Why am I not hitting function x?
    • Why was variable y set to this value?
    • What was the value of variable x at this point?
    • What changes can I make to this code to make this test pass?

Brian #3: Extra, Extra, Extra,

Michael #4: PyPI has completed its first security audit

  • Trail of Bits spent a total of 10 engineer-weeks of effort identifying issues, presenting those findings to the PyPI team, and assisting us as we remediated the findings.
  • Scope: The audit was focused on "Warehouse", the open-source codebase that powers
  • As a result of the audit, Trail of Bits detailed 29 different advisories discovered across both codebases. When evaluating severity level of each advisory, 14 were categorized as "informational", 6 as "low", 8 as "medium" and zero as "high".



  • pytest course community to try out Podia Communities.
  • Anyone have a podia community running strong now?
  • Want to join the community when it’s up and running?


  • VS Code AMA @ Talk Python [video]
  • Gunicorn CVE
  • Talk submissions are now open for both remote and in-person talks at the 2024 PyConZA? The conference will be held on 3 and 4 October 2024 in Cape Town, South Africa. Details are on
  • FlaskCon 2024 will be happening Friday, May 17 inside PyCon US 2024. Call for proposals are now live!

Joke: Debugging with your eyes

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