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#381: Python Packages in the Oven

Published Tue, Apr 30, 2024, recorded Tue, Apr 30, 2024
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Michael #1: Announcing py2wasm: A Python to Wasm compiler

  • py2wasm converts your Python programs to WebAssembly, running them at 3x faster speeds
  • thanks to Nuitka

Brian #2: Exploring Python packages with Oven and PyPI Browser

  • is great, but there are some handy alternatives
  • Oven
    • Shows how to install stuff with pip, pdm, rye, and poetry
    • Similar meta and description as PyPI
    • Includes view (no tables yet, though)
    • Nice listing of versions
    • Ability to look at what files are in wheels and tarballs (very cool)
    • Can deploy yourself. Node/Remix app.
    • Really slick.
  • PyPI Browser
    • View versions
    • View wheel and tarball contents.
    • Metadata and contents.
    • No README view
    • Is a Starlette app that you can deploy on your on with a private registry. So that’s cool.

Michael #3: PyCharm Local LLM

  • Pretty awesome full line completer based on a local LLM for PyCharm
  • Requires PyCharm Professional
  • An example, given this partial function in Flask:
    def listing():
      videos = video_service.all_videos()

Typing ret →


That is, typing ret autocompletes to:

return flask.render_template('home/listing.html', videos=videos)

Which is pretty miraculous, and correct.

Brian #4: Google shedding Python devs (at least in the US).




Joke: Broken System

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