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#383: Why aren’t devs shipping faster?

Published Tue, May 14, 2024, recorded Tue, May 14, 2024
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Michael #1: I asked 100 devs why they aren’t shipping faster. Here’s what I learned

  • by Daksh Gupta (via PyCoders)
  • What’s stopping you from shipping faster?
    • Dependency bugs
    • Complicated codebase
      • >There is so much undocumented in our service, including poor records of new features, nonexistent or outdated info on our dependencies, or even essential things like best practices for testing, a lot of time is wasted in syncs trying to find the right information
  • QA Loops
  • Waiting for spec
    • > At Amazon? Meetings, approval, talking to 10 different stakeholders because changing the color of a button affects 15 micro services
  • Writing tests
  • Deployment/build speed
  • Scope creep
    • > The human tendency to stuff last-minute items into the crevices of their luggage minutes before leaving for the airport manifests itself at software companies as scope creep.
  • Unclear requirements
  • Excessive meetings
  • Motivation
    • >honest answer is i was on ads
    • >and that’s a very old / complicated / large stack (edited)
    • >and i didn’t understand it
    • >my friends on younger teams seemed happier, i was miserable
  • DORA metrics

Brian #2: Python 3.13.0 beta 1 released

  • "Python 3.13 is still in development. This release, 3.13.0b1, is the first of four beta release previews of 3.13.”
  • New REPL, featuring multi-line editing, color support, colorized exception tracebacks
  • Cool GIL, JIT, and GC features
  • Typing changes, including typing.TypeIs .
  • Some nice dead battery removals
  • and more
  • But seriously, the REPL is cool. Just ask Trey

Michael #3: A theme editor for JupyterLab

  • by Florence Haudin
  • A new tool for authoring JupyterLab themes
  • To lower the bar for customizing JupyterLab we created a new tool providing a simple interface for tuning the JupyterLab appearance interactively.
  • See jupyterlab-theme-editor on github

Brian #4: rich-argparse

  • “Format argparse and optparse help using rich.”
  • rich-argparse improves the look and readability of argparse's help while requiring minimal changes to the code.”
  • They’re not kidding. 2 line code change.
    from rich_argparse import RichHelpFormatter
    parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(..., formatter_class=RichHelpFormatter)



  • pytest course is now switched to the new platform.
    • I sent out an email including how to save their spot on the old site and mark that spot complete on the new site.
    • There’s now comments on the course now. Trying that out. If you’ve got a question, just ask in that section.


Joke: Testing holiday

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