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#52: Call your APIs with uplink and test them in the tavern

Published Thu, Nov 16, 2017, recorded Wed, Nov 15, 2017

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Brian #1: Restful API testing with Tavern

Michael #2: Uplink

  • RESTful client API via decorators
  • Create a class to represent the API
  • Add methods with arguments, map to API calls.
  • e.g.

    def get_user(self, username):
           """Get a single user."""        
  • Uplink includes support for concurrent requests with asyncio (for Python 3.4+)

  • Twisted (for all supported Python versions)
  • Not production ready, but very exciting.

Brian #3: Using json-schema for REST API endpoint tests

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Michael #4: Live coding to music!

  • via Ian Watt
  • Talk at PyCon UK by Ryan Kirkbride called “Programming Music for Performance: Live coding with FoxDot”

Brian #5: Weekly Python Chat

Michael #6: 10 common beginner mistakes in Python

  • Via checkIO:
  1. Incorrect indentation, tabs and spaces
  2. Using a Mutable Value as a Default Value
  3. Write a lot of comments and docstrings
  4. Scoping
  5. Edge cases first (let’s go easy on the indents)
  6. Copying
  7. Creating count-by-one errors on loops (range is half closed)
  8. Wrong capitalization
  9. Using class variables incorrectly

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