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#57: Our take on Excel and Python

Published Thu, Dec 21, 2017, recorded Tue, Dec 19, 2017

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Brian #1: Testing Python 3 and 2 simultaneously with retox

  • Anthony Shaw
  • tox allows you to run the same tests in multiple configurations.
    • For example, multiple Python interpreters (2 vs 3), or on different hardware, or using different options, etc.
    • tox can also tests your packaging code (on by default, but can be disabled)
  • detox allows multiple configurations to be tested in parallel with multiprocessing
    • typically running all tests 2-4 times faster
  • retox does this with a GUI
    • also adds “watch” capability

Michael #2: Robo 3T / RoboMongo

  • MongoDB GUI with embedded shell
  • CLI interaction
  • GUI when you want it
  • No. 34 repository on GitHub

Brian #3: regular expressions

  • Regular Expressions Practical Guide
    • Python examples for some common expressions
    • How to use the built in re package for email addresses, URLs, phone numbers
    • substitution with re.sub()
    • splitting a string with re.split()
    • what some of the escape shortcuts mean, like \w for word, \s for whitespace, etc.
    • iterating through matches with re.finditer()
    • Using compiled expressions
  • Regular Expressions for Data Scientists
    • another great intro, that also talks about:
      • re.findall()
      • match groups

Michael #4: MongoEngine

  • MongoEngine is a Document-Object Mapper (think ORM, but for document databases) for working with MongoDB from Python.
  • Map classes to MongoDB (think SQLAlchemy but for document databases)
  • Adds features lacking from MongoDB
    • Schema
    • Required fields
    • Constraints
    • Relationships

Brian #5: Introducing PrettyPrinter for Python

  • a powerful, syntax-highlighting, and declarative pretty printer for Python 3.6
  • goals
    • Implement an algorithm that tries very hard to produce pretty output, even if it takes a bit more work.
    • Implement a dead simple, declarative interface to writing your own pretty printers. Python developers rarely write __repr__ methods because they're a pain; no one will definitely write pretty printing rules for user-defined types unless it's super simple.
    • Implement syntax-highlighting that doesn't break on invalid Python syntax.

Michael #6: Excel and Python

  • Replace VBA
  • Python in Excel as the main scripting language
  • They need feedback (fill out their survey, upvote the issue)

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