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#60: Don't dismiss SQLite as just a starter DB

Published Thu, Jan 11, 2018, recorded Wed, Jan 10, 2018

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Brian #1: Who's at nine?

Michael #2: Retiring Python as a teaching language

  • Why did he write this?
    • Then one day a student will innocently ask "Instead of running the poker simulator from the command line, how can I put it in a window with a button to deal the next hand?"
  • The ensuing Twitter conversation was very interesting. Scroll this status, it’s pretty comprehensive

Brian #3: Don't dismiss SQLite as just a starter DB

  • SQLite is a single file db that comes with Python.
  • A listener pointed us to a couple cool things about SQLite
  • A great interview with the developer The Changelog, episode 201.
  • It's extensive documentation on how SQLite is tested.
  • Of course, for web applications and other applications that have to deal with extreme concurrency, you need a client server database
  • Many applications don't have extreme concurrency needs.
  • Sticking with SQLite might be just fine for quite a long time for many apps.

Michael #4: Chalice: Python Serverless Microframework for AWS

  • Chalice is a python serverless microframework for AWS. It allows you to quickly create and deploy applications that use Amazon API Gateway and AWS Lambda.
  • It provides:
    • A command line tool for creating, deploying, and managing your app
    • A familiar and easy to use API for declaring views in python code (Flask)
    • Automatic IAM policy generation
  • Compare to Zappa:

Brian #5: Fastest way to uniquely a list in Python >=3.6

  • Nice analysis of different ways to uniquify a list.
  • Punchline:
    • The fastest way to uniqify a list of hashable objects (basically immutable things) is: list(set(seq))
    • And the fastest way, if the order is important is: list(dict.fromkeys(seq))

Michael #6: PyTexas and PyCon AU vidoes are up

  • PyTexas
    • Notable PyTexas videos
      • Micropython
      • What is ML?
      • C for yourself
      • Python and .NET
  • PyCon AU
    • Notable PyCon AU videos
      • Gradual typing
      • Hot reloading Python web-servers at scale
      • Prototyping Python Microservices in Production
      • Secrets of a WSGI master.
      • Python 3 for People Who Haven't Been Paying Attention
      • Identity 2.0: the what, why and how of social and federated login
      • Python: Ludicrous mode (with Django)
      • Scaling Down: Running Large Sites Locally

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