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#84: Vibora web framework: It's fast, async, and means viper

Published Thu, Jun 28, 2018, recorded Wed, Jun 27, 2018

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Special guest Nina Zakharenko (@nnja) is a Cloud Developer Advocate at Microsoft!

Brian #1: Correcting Documentation for a Deployed Python Package

  • "A clever way to release new documentation without releasing a new package that might confuse your user base.”
  • Upload changes to pypi without bumping the version by using post release version numbers: 0.3.2 => 0.3.2.post1
  • Prevent documentation issues by using restview --long-description before uploading. (or use md and really any md converter)


Nina #2: Flask Mega Tutorial

  • Amazing resource for developers who’d like to learn about building web applications with Flask in Python.
  • Covers important topics like databases, internationalization, and dates and times.
  • Three full sections on deploying your web app using Linux, Heroku, or containers.
  • VS Code IDE has great Flask support.
  • Try Azure with a $200 credit to deploy Flask apps.

Michael #3: 10 common security gotchas in Python and how to avoid them

  • Article by Anthony Shaw (congrats on being a 2018 PSF Fellow)
  • The 10 topics
    • Input injection (see little bobby tables)
    • Use an ORM (db) or shlex module to escape input correctly (process)
    • Parsing XML
    • Assert statements
    • Timing attacks
    • A polluted site-packages or import path
    • Temporary files
    • Using yaml.load
    • Pickles
    • Using the system Python runtime and not patching it
    • Not patching your dependencies

Brian #4: pre-commit “A framework for managing and maintaining multi-language pre-commit hooks.”

  • Describe pre-commit actions using yaml.
  • Lots of projects already use it, like black.
  • Does the work for you so you don’t have to read up on git commit hooks and such.
  • Test out hooks ahead of time with pre-commit run <hook id>

Nina #5: Python 3.7 release and PSF board members

  • Python 3.7 has just been released today! 🎉
  • New Features Overview Blog Post
  • Debugging improvements - new breakpoint() built-in function allows you to start an interactive session, like IPython.
  • 4 New PSF Board members elected - Congratulations to them!
    • Anna Ossowski
    • Christopher Neugebauer
    • Jeff Triplett
    • Katie McLaughlin

Michael #6: Vibora web framework

  • A new speedy web framework
  • Only 14 days old, but has 21 contributors and 2k stars
  • Just like Flask: Vibora APIs were heavily inspired by the awesome Flask.
  • Schemas validation, template engine, sessions and many more features were written from scratch to provide great performance along with an elegant async interface.
  • Vibora also take advantage of multiple CPU cores by default thanks to the multi-processed architecture. Uvloop and other C speed-ups are used when available.
  • Virtual Hosts: Maybe you have different domains and you want to host them all with a single Vibora application.
  • Deployment has its own HTTP app server
  • Docs need help

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