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Episode #287: Surprising ways to use Jupyter Notebooks

Published Tue, Jun 7, 2022, recorded Tue, Jun 7, 2022.

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Michael #1: auto-py-to-exe

  • Converts .py to .exe using a simple graphical interface
  • A good candidate to install via pipx
  • For me, just point it at the top level file and click go
  • Can add icons, etc.
  • Got a .app version and CLI version (I think 😉 )
  • Required brew install python-tk to get tkinter on my mac
  • I tested it against my URLify app.
  • Oddly, only ran on Python 3.9 but not 3.10

Brian #2: 8 surprising ways how to use Jupyter Notebook

  • by Aleksandra Płońska, Piotr Płoński
  • Fun romp through ways you can use and abuse notebooks
    • package development
    • web app
    • slides
    • book
    • blog
    • report
    • dashboard
    • REST API

Michael #3: piptrends

  • by Tankala Ashok
  • Use for comparing python packages downloads and GitHub Statistics.
  • Whenever doing research which python package, check multiple places to finalize it so thought of putting all those things in a single place.
  • Inspired by

Brian #4: Is it a class or a function? It's a callable!

  • by Trey Hunner
  • It’s kinda hard to tell in Python. Actually, impossible to tell from staring at the calling code.
  • “Of the 69 “built-in functions” listed in the Python Built-In Functions page, only 42 are actually implemented as functions: 26 are classes and 1 (help) is an instance of a callable class.
  • Of the 26 classes among those built-in “functions”, four were actually functions in Python 2 (the now-lazy map, filter, range, and zip) but have since become classes.
  • The Python built-ins and the standard library are both full of maybe-functions-maybe-classes.”
  • len - yep, that’s a function
  • zip - that’s a class
  • reversed, enumerate, range, and filter “functions” are all classes. But callable classes.
  • Cool discussion of
    • callable objects
    • partials, itemgetters, iterators, generators, factory functions




Joke: async problems

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