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#349: Djangonauts: Ready for Takeoff!

Published Tue, Aug 22, 2023, recorded Tue, Aug 22, 2023
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Michael #1: Omnivore app

  • Omnivore is the free, open source, read-it-later app for serious readers.
  • Distraction free. Privacy focused. Open source. Designed for knowledge workers and lifelong learners.
  • Save articles, newsletters, and documents and read them later — focused and distraction free.
  • Add notes and highlights.
  • Organize your reading list the way you want and sync it across all your devices.
  • Syncs with popular Personal Knowledge Management systems including Logseq and Obsidian
  • Wait, what’s Logseq? :)
    • A privacy-first, open-source platform for knowledge management and collaboration.
    • Kinda like Notion?

Brian #2:

  • “Where contributors launch”
  • This is a group mentoring program where individuals will work self-paced in a semi-structured learning environment over the course of three months.
  • Djangonauts are members of the community who wish to level up their current Django code contributions and potentially take on leadership roles in Django in the future.

Michael #3: Server-side hot reload

  • Thanks to Alex Riviere for some improvements
  • Bill Mill suggests websockets and Adam Johnson points he built something like this for Django (sorta) with django-browser-reload
  • To make it work just:
  • Include this script in your web projects for dev-time auto reloading of web browser when any change is detected in content.
  • Works across all web technologies, built out on a FastAPI / Tailwind project.
  • General workflow looks like:
    1. Edit the source CSS file
    2. Tailwind watcher generates a built CSS file
    3. Built CSS file is included the Python web HTML template
    4. Template appends a hash ID for the state of the CSS file
    5. Changes to the source CSS thus trigger a change in the final ID
    6. New ID means the page contents change and the script does a reload
  • Even works for static resources if you put a “version” indicator on them: [HTML_REMOVED] [HTML_REMOVED]

Brian #4: Python in Excel

  • Anaconda working with Microsoft to have Python built in to Excel.
  • Python in Excel is currently in preview and is subject to change based on feedback. To use this feature, join the Microsoft 365 Insider Program and choose the Beta Channel Insider level.”
    • from Microsoft Support article: Getting started with Python in Excel



  • Working on videos for “Ch3 : pytest Fixtures” for the Python Testing with pytest Course Bundle
    • Adding some drawings and some more bonus videos.
    • Thanks to everyone who’s signed up already.
    • I’ve pushed the 20% discount out till the end of August.
  • I also finally listed it on
  • Also lots of new interviews for, and I’m expecting at least one new episode of this week.
    • It’s going to be a busy week.



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