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#357: Python 3.7 EOLed, We Hadn't Noticed

Published Tue, Oct 17, 2023, recorded Tue, Oct 17, 2023
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Michael #1: QuickMacHotKey

Brian #2: Things I’ve learned about building CLI tools in Python

  • Simon Willison
  • A cool Cookiecutter starter project, if you like Click.
  • Conventions and consistency in commands, arguments, options, and flags.
  • The importance of versioning. Your CLI is an API.
  • Include examples in --help
  • Include --help in documentation.
  • Aside, Typer is also cool, and is built on Click.

Michael #3: Warp Terminal (referral code)

  • Really nice reimagining of the terminal
    • Currently macOS only but will be Linux, then Windows
  • New command section & output section mode
  • Blocks can be navigated and searched as a single thing (even if it’s 1,000 lines of output)
  • CTRL+R gives a nice history like McFly I’ve discussed before
  • Completions into popular CLIs (i.e. git)
  • Edit like an editor (even you VIM people 🙂 )
  • Has AI built in too
  • Free for individuals
  • If you’re going to give it a try, use my referral I guess?

Brian #4: Python 3.7 EOLed, but I hadn’t noticed

  • EOL was June 27
  • I’m still supporting 3.7, as are most projects I work with. But I’m not sure when that will change.
  • VS Code is deprecating 3.7 support
  • Why I’m ok with supporting 3.7 for some projects
    • dataclasses came in with 3.7
    • from __ future__ import annotations allows the use of union types with X|Y.
    • example
  • I’ll probably drop 3.7 as my dependent projects drop it.





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