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#363: DNS Again? It's Always DNS.

Published Tue, Dec 5, 2023, recorded Tue, Dec 5, 2023
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Michael #1: Fixit 2: Meta’s next-generation auto-fixing linter

  • via Bart Kappenburg
  • Fixit is dead! Long live Fixit 2 – the latest version of our open-source auto-fixing linter.
  • Fixit provides a highly configurable linting framework with support for auto-fixes, custom “local” lint rules, and hierarchical configuration, built on LibCST.
  • Fixit 2 is available today on PyPI.
  • Created by Meta’s Python Language Foundation team — a hybrid team of both PEs and traditional SWEs — helps own and maintain the infrastructure and tooling for Python.
  • Interesting comments on this article on Hacker News
  • I wonder if ruff format was already a thing when Fixit was adopted, whether it would exist?

Brian #2: FastUI

  • Samuel Colvin
  • “FastUI is a new way to build web application user interfaces defined by declarative Python code.”
  • MK: Reminds me of the code matches DOM style of Flutter. See code samples at the end.

Michael #3: Mail list / newsletter conversation

Brian #4: CLIs from type hints

  • From Sander76
  • Pydantic Argparse “is a Python package built on top of pydantic which provides declarative typed argument parsing using pydantic models.”
    • Clipstick is a “cli-tool based on Pydantic models.”
    • tyro “is a tool for generating command-line interfaces and configuration objects in Python.”
      • tyro includes support for dataclasses and attrs in place of Pydantic




Joke: Honest LinkedIn

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